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Silent Actions

In relation to “Fabric of the Liturgy” I’d like to extend my appreciation for Virginia Aabram for her fascinating article.

The media offers so much discussions of the most pressing questions of the day in every media outlet that it’s extremely enjoyable to read about tiny acts performed by members of our congregation that remind us of the simple and sometimes inscrutable goodness of people like those who reside at St. Martha’s Guild. .

The activities that these groups carry out are usually ignored and are often neglected. The tale of Miss Aabram was as captivating with its description of activities of the Guild as it was written and entertaining for reading.

Quantity Measures

In the the of a nation that has been waking up to an epidemic that is threatening our rights, a Pope who has refused to acknowledge Traditions of the Church and another scandal in the Church of sexual abuse It is the time to ask: Where can you go to find Evelyn Waugh when you need her?

Evelyn Waugh is best known for her novel Brideshead which was rewritten as a story of the unfathomable works of elegance. Her writing is sophisticated and her portrayal of the flaws and weaknesses of modern society is humorous, funny and fair. He’s possibly the only one who can be credited with writing a novel of humor that can be considered appropriate to what we perceive as absurd in our day and give a hint on how to approach it. Maybe that’s why he did the novel.

His sword of honour trilogy follows the story of Guy Crouchback, an English Catholic who, at the start of WWII was an army soldier and believed that war was an opportunity to revitalize Christianity in order to combat the atheist forces of Nazism and Communism. Guy’s love for the crusade gradually waned because he has become aware of how absurd modern war is as well as every day life.

As I am recuperating from the traumas incurred by the humiliation caused by the English withdrawal from Crete and discovering an alliance that has been formed between England as well as America

United States with Communist Russia. Guy is utterly dissatisfied. He is recovering at his home in England with his dad, Guy expresses his displeasure at the institutions that he was an advocate for. Everybody needs the advice from your father “Quantitative measure do not apply. This may be directly derived from Therese from Lisieux. I’m not sure what to do or who to believe in in this mess of a society we live in.

Also, Waugh has been the sole one who suggests that one put their head in the sand and stop shouting about the rotting whenever you spot it. But, I have to remember the fact that I’m not there for the sake of saving the whole world. I’m only my soul and God willing, help other souls in saving their own. If my faith in institutions has waned, my faith in God is growing, I will continue to believe in God. It is my intention to do the good that I am able to do. the capacity to do. Quantitative measures don’t have any relevance.


The 29th of August in the Register incorrectly stated that the governor of New Hampshire is John Sununu. State of New Hampshire is John Sununu. Sununu served as the Governor in New Hampshire from 1983 to 1989. The son of the governor Chris Sununu is Governor at the moment. The registry regrets this mistake.

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